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Gua sha is unmatched with respect to soft tissue pain that persists into the maturation stage of healing. provides unique anatomy specific instruments for commonly injured muscles and soft tissues. Available to clinicians and motivated individuals. Make a purchase at our online store or call us to place an order over the phone at 330-236-4963 (Eastern Standard Time, Seven days a week, 9am to 5 pm). Click here to visit our store.

The GOST-1 shapes match the anatomical contours of the hand, forearm, and elbow. In addition, the GOST-1 treats small contours of the neck, jaw, face, ankle, and foot. Ideal for common problems like tennis elbow, trigger finger, plantar fasciitis, and localized treatment of myofascial trigger points. The compact size of the GOST-1 and GOST-2 (below) make them the ideal choice for travel, personal use, and light clinical application. $34.95  Purchase.


The GOST-2 shapes match the anatomical contours of the shoulder, chest, upper arm, and petite lower extremities. Ideal for shoulder impingement, traditional gua sha applied to the back and spine, the IT Band, and more. A favorite of throwing athletes and the clinicians who treat them. $39.95   Purchase.


The GOST-3 shapes match the largest contours of the lower extremity including the hamstrings, quadriceps, and gluteal muscles. Textured perimeter ensures a secure grip. Increased rigidity combined with a rounded edge allow application of firm pressure to reach deeply into large muscle groups and soft tissues. Ideal for treating muscles involved in sciatica, as well as hamstring and quadriceps strains. $44.95  Purchase.


Close up view of the edge profile found on the GOST-1, GOST-2, and the GuaSha Professional Tools. Edges are rounded, never sharp, and perfectly smooth to provide ideal feedback and performance.

The GOST-3's round treatment edge allows application of very firm pressure into large muscle groups and deeper layers of soft tissue. The GOST-3 is also an ideal choice when painful soft tissues are unable to tolerate firm pressure. In this case, the GOST-3 calms irritable soft tissues in preparation for a more aggressive and productive treatment.

Play VideoGuaSha Professional instruments combine performance and user comfort. Enjoy increased control with a textured ergonomic handle. The clinician's hand is protected when applying firm pressure. Ideal for the clinician with ligamentous laxity, overuse injuries, or arthritis that interferes with the ability to provide manual therapy. Designed for heavy clinical use. Lifetime guarantee. $79.95 each and package sets available.  Purchase.


The GP-1 is the best gua sha tool for small anatomical contours including the digits, radial and ulnar borders of the hand and wrist, Achilles tendon, and more. Ideal for mobilizing scar and soft tissue associated with injuries affecting the fingers including contracted IP joints secondary to scar, fracture, crush injury, volar plate avulsion, and prolonged edema. Apply over the dorsal aspect of tight PIP and DIP joints prior to PROM to increase circulation and tissue temperature and facilitate improved flexion. $79.95  Purchase.

The GP-2 shapes match contours of the palm, forearm muscles, medial and lateral elbow, neck, ankle, foot, and more. Treat medial and lateral epicondylosis (tennis and golfer's elbow), Dequervains, and tendonosis affecting the FCR and FCU insertion at the wrist. Shapes match the hypothenar and thenar emminence of the palm. Mobilize mature scar to eliminate pain and improve flexibility following carpal tunnel release, Dupytren's release, and more. $79.95  Purchase.

The GP-3 shapes target the upper arm, shoulder, calf musculature and more. A large rounded end works nicely for trigger points in larger muscle groups including the upper trapezius. An effective tool for eliminating myofascial pain and improving flexibility of the biceps and triceps, deltoids, and more. Using a more gentle approach, both the GP-3 and GP-4 (below) provide effective retrograde massage to decrease swelling in acute cases. $79.95  Purchase.

The larger edge on the GP-4 matches the muscular contours of the shoulder and chest. The GP-4 is the best gua sha tool for treating tight pectoralis muscles associated with shoulder impingement and thoracic outlet syndrome. Also treat larger triceps, and biceps, petite quadriceps, hamstrings and more. The GP-4 includes a flat shape that works well for raising petechiae along the spine and over myofascial trigger points affecting the rhomboids, levator, and other periscapular muscles. $79.95  Purchase.

GuaSha Professional tools direct force into the large, stable joints of the user's hand. The tool fits precisely in the user's hand and directs pressure into the palm. Finger tips rest lightly on the treatment blade providing excellent palpation. The ergonomic handle eliminates lateral pinch and protects the vulnerable thumb CMC joint. Finger joints rest in a stable position and do not hyperextend - a common scenario when using jar lids, coins and other traditional flat profile tools.The textured handle decreases muscle fatigue and provides a secure grip even when hands become slippery from massage cream.

Compared to common objects like jar lids, spoons or coins, our instruments are comfortable and provide a safe and consistent edge that is never sharp, always the desired shape, professional in appearance, and easy on the user's hand.

Unlike animal horn, polycarbonate resin is non-porous and does not soften when exposed to water. Therefore the tool can be thoroughly cleaned with soap and water. This feature ensures a safe instrument that can be used with multiple clients.

The shapes that can be achieved by hand carving is limited. Our instruments are designed with CNC machines followed by injection molding. This provides a consistent product with the desired shape and edge profile.

In comparison to jade or other minerals our instruments are lightweight to reduce fatigue and will not shatter if accidently dropped.

Unlike metal, polycarbonate is a poor conductor of both heat and electricity. Polycarbonate is therefore more comfortable on the skin and does not feel cold to the touch. Compared to metal, polycarbonate is lightweight and less fatiguing to use while retaining excellent palpation, sensitivity, and durability. Importantly, polycarbonate provides a substantial cost advantage over metallic tools making lost tools much less painful to replace.

©2009, Author: Matthew Lott, MS, OT/L, CHT.  Learn theory and effective treatment protocols with the companion treatment manual Clinical Applications for Chronic Soft Tissue Pain and Dysfunction. This 100+ page manual provides a tutorial for beginners and advanced technique for the seasoned clinician. Essential for client education, several color photographs are included demonstrating the normal appearance of petechiae. This concise, evidence based treatment guide relies on research, physiology, clinical experience, and case studies to effectively teach applications of gua sha for common soft tissue injuries, myofascial pain, nerve entrapment syndromes, unresolved pain following surgery, joint sprains, muscle strains, and trauma. This newly expanded edition is spiral bound, over 100 pages and printed on 5.5 X 8.5 inch pages. From a Western perspective, the reader will be able to intelligently explain how gua sha eliminates pain, restores function, improves flexibility, and facilitates healing. $34.95  Purchase.

Matt is a practicing occupational therapist with certification in hand therapy. A graduate of D'Youville and Hiram College, Matt is a clinician in Akron, Ohio at a regional hand therapy center. Matt designed the tools and authored the treatment manual found here. He enjoys spending time with his wife, three lovely daughters and Wilson their Staffordshire Terrier. In 2015 he completed several trail 50Ks, qualified for the 2017 Boston Marathon and got 75 miles into his first 100 miler before exhaustion and an inability to fuel finally took its toll. The insights gained during the eight months leading up to the races were invaluable. For example, Matt found that massaging a painful Achilles tendon prior to running significantly decreases pain and is now part of his pre-run routine. He also carries the small tool, the GOST-1 in his running pack to eliminate muscle tightness and pain before it becomes a larger problem. And the GOST-3 tool feels great on tired muscles after long back to back training runs. Matt completed four 50K races in 2016 (all top ten finishes!), the Mohican 50 and the Burning River 100.

Athletes and their trainers use our products to maintain peak performance by addressing soft tissue problems before they become serious. Since 2005 our instruments have been used by numerous collegiate teams and sports medicine clinics throughout the world. The growing number of professional organizations that use our products include the Atlanta Falcons, Baltimore Orioles, Cleveland Browns, Cincinnati Reds, Boston Red Sox, Golden State Warriors, Kansas City Royals, LA Clippers, Los Angeles Dodgers, Oakland Athletics, Orlando Magic, Milwaukee Brewers and Minnesota Twins. GSO Tools are also used by members of the Professional Golfer's Association. Our instruments are versatile and improve flexibility, flush metabolic waste products from over-trained muscles and facilitate recovery following injury and surgery.

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