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Gua sha is unmatched with respect to soft tissue pain that persists into the maturation stage of healing. Although gua sha is over 2000 years old its effectiveness has only been recently identified in Western sports medicine. Traditional tools include slices of animal horn, various minerals, sea shells and coins. Guashatools.com provides a modern interpretation with shapes specific to all commonly injured muscles and soft tissues. Instruments are effective for a variety of techniques and also protect the user's hand. Available to clinicians and the motivated individual. All instruments are made in the USA and ship the same or next business day via Priority Mail for delivery to most locations within three days of placing an order.

Guashatools.com offers the unique GuaSha Orthopedic Soft Tissue Tools and the new GuaSha Professional Tools. For more information click here.

Play VideoGuaSha Professional instruments combine performance and user comfort. Enjoy increased control with a textured ergonomic handle. The clinician's hand is protected when applying firm pressure. Ideal for the clinician with ligamentous laxity, overuse injuries, or arthritis that interferes with the ability to provide manual therapy. Designed for heavy clinical use. Lifetime guarantee.  Click here to learn more.

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The GuaSha Professional Tools are available separately or as a package that includes the custom carrying case by Case Logic with embroidered logo. Available at the official guashatools.com store.

Learn theory and effective treatment protocols for tendonosis, stubborn pain following trauma and surgery, scar mobilization and more with the companion treatment manual Clinical Applications for Chronic Soft Tissue Pain and Dysfunction. This 100+ page manual provides a tutorial for beginners and advanced technique for the seasoned clinician. Essential for client education, several color photographs are included demonstrating the normal appearance of petechiae. Click here to learn more!

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